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Familiarity with self-retaining cable fittings

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Familiarity with self-retaining cable fittings

Self-retaining cable fittings consist of various tools that we introduce briefly.

Subscriber branching connector (self-supporting cable)

This connector is used to create low pressure branching of the subscriber cable from the self-supporting cable, and it is non-metal type.
This connector can be connected to aluminum and copper cables in two main and secondary modes. There is no need to remove the cover from the cable in order to install the branch with or without electricity.

branching connector of branch lines (self-supporting cable)

This connector is used to create low pressure branching of subsidiary lines from the main self-sustaining cable and is of non-metal type.

Low pressure hanging clamp (self-supporting cable)

This clamp is installed on the base with a pig tail screw and a cable retaining strap to restrain weak pressure self-supporting cables.

Expansion connector

The multi-component connector is a special design that facilitates the increase in the number of branches at the same time up to a maximum of two branches. Each sub-branch is created by the operation of a separate screw.

32 teeth wire to cable connection connector

It is used to connect aluminum and copper wires to aluminum and copper insulated conductors. The screw installed on the connector is insulated. This connector can be installed on hot lines without conductor insulation.

joint connector (mouf)

It is used to connect and connect insulated aerial cables (ABC) in self-supporting cable distribution networks. This product is used for cables up to size 16 _ 25 _ 35 _ 50 _ 70.

Aluminum tensile clamp with steel wire

It can be used to stretch and hold weak pressure self-supporting cables in networks with insulated messengers and in all weather conditions.

Cable protection belt

The cable protection belt is used for double protection of the self-maintained cable messenger against possible falls due to factors such as wind and other mechanical stresses.

Die cast hanger clamp

It can be used in the network of aerial cables with insulated messenger in straight lines or up to a maximum angle of 90 degrees.

Cable separator

When installing connectors and clamps on the self-retaining cable, this wrench can be used to separate the cable strands. Also, when installing the hanging clamp, this wrench can be used to separate the messenger from the self-retaining cable.

Bracket of three houses and nine houses

It is a special equipment for connecting wires of lighting networks in tunnels. The connector used in this equipment is of the IPC1001 model, which enables installation and operation in current carrying lines without removing the insulation. Each bracket can be branched for one lamp using nine connectors.

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