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About Niro Taban Control Electrical Engineering Company

Taban Kontrol Electro Niro Engineering Company under the Netco brand is a producer of equipment and accessories used in electricity distribution networks.

With the aim of expanding and developing quality-oriented fittings, it started operating in 2018 on a land with an area of 300 square meters, and currently it continues to operate in a factory with an area of 10,000 square meters and a staff of 150 people.

By attracting technical experts and expert experts in the field of hardware production, this group has put the motto “sustainable quality – lasting production” at the top of all its activities. Currently, with the formation of a research and development working group, it receives, evaluates and adapts the required services to the production standards (EN 50483 – IEC 61238, …) to fulfill the opinions and needs of the customers. Netco company has always controlled the quality of its products by equipping mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical laboratories and has registered its name in the list of approved manufacturers of Tavanir company and all vendor lists of distribution companies across the country. We intend to expand the export of our products to other countries with the hope of the Almighty God and by expanding our activities and obtaining external approvals in the future.