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Products produced in Netco are made from the finest quality raw materials.


All projects are run by experienced technicians and technicians in the shortest possible time.


Utilize the knowledge and experience of leading engineers and experts in the country's power industry

National production

Production and manufacturing of various products of the company inside Iran in order to promote national production goals


about us

Electro Niroo Taban Control Company (NETKO) started its activities in 2009 with the aim of manufacturing the units of self-contained cable networks with the approach of reducing losses and unpowered energy and establishing the standard installation of these type of fittings based on the standard CENELEC line EN50483. And was able to obtain the necessary permissions to enter Vendor, a list of all distribution companies and Tavanir Company.


The collection has brought to the forefront of all its activities with the prominence of producing entirely Iranian products by attracting technical experts and expert experts in the field of production of slogans "Sustainable Quality - Sustainable Production". Netco Co., with the equipping of electrical mechanics labs - electronics and chemistry, has always controlled the quality of its products and has registered its name on the list of qualified manufacturers of Tavanir and all Vendorlists of distribution companies all over the country. We are looking forward to expanding our products to other countries with the hope of the Almighty God and by expanding our activities and obtaining individual endorsements.



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NETCO Iran Company


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Number of Projects


Modern machine



Self-supporting cable holders

Distribution network accessories
A variety of products with the ability to be installed on current-carrying lines, without removing the conductor insulation
Manufacturer of various connectors
Generate a variety of polygon connectors to increase the number of splits simultaneously
Manufacturer of various clamps
Production of all kinds of tricycle clamps, aluminum steel wire, aluminum wire with stainless steel

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