Lectro Niroo Taban Control Engineering Company (NETCO) Electro niroo taban control engineering company with the brand of Netco, The manufacturer of equipment and accessories for electricity distribution grid usage. The firm started its activities by the aim of developing quality-oriented accessories in an area of 300 square meters in 1388. At the moment it continues to operate in the factory with an area of 10,000 square meters and staffing of 150 persons. This group by using technical specialists and certified experts in the field of manufacturing accessories, put the slogan "sustainable production and stable quality" top of all its activities. At the moment , The firm receives and assesses costumers needs and matches them to production standards by forming R&D teamwork and then starts to meet costumers needs and ideas. Netco equipped itself to mechanical power, electronics and chemical laboratories to be able to control its production quality all days and has registered its name in a list of accredited manufactures of Tavanir and electricity distribution companies of whole country. We are going to develop our export to other countries by developing our activities and receiving international certificates in the future.